Our service provides valuable support to parents, families, carers, children and anyone else that has care of a child or children. Mobile childcare is often an overlooked type of education and care, that has many benefits to the community that other forms of education and care might not have.
Working within this particular type of service means we all need to deliver our sessions with an eye to detail, provide a safe and enriched program in a minimal risk environment.
This takes a skill that is honed over many sessions, terms or even years.
Our team of qualified Educators deliver effective, relevant, age appropriate programs including 3a, Abecedarian Approach Australia. 3a is a set of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies that have been proven to maximise learning outcomes by enriching and enhancing educator practice.

All Roving Educators are fully trained with a minimum requirement of Certificate III in Children’s Services. Our team have a comprehensive knowledge of services working within the Blacktown Local Government Area and will often provide childcare sessions in a variety of settings and venues which can range from a dedicated childcare room to what constitutes a “shoe box”, being small, possibly cluttered, maybe dirty and potentially unsafe.

Educators carry a ‘kit’ with them to every single session. In their kits they carry a variety of resources and equipment that help them to provide safe childcare sessions.
All staff complete a risk assessment before each session. If the venue is considered to be a risk, and the risks are unable to be managed with what the educator has to hand in their kit then the booking service is asked to provide an alternative venue.
This is a rare occurrence as staff have the ability to ‘look outside the box’ and are mostly able to manage risks with what they carry with them.

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