Paint Doonside REaD

What is Paint Doonside REaD?

 Paint Doonside REaD is an early literacy program aimed at improving outcomes for children from birth to 5 years old.  By reading, singing and rhyming, looking and listening, talking and drawing and writing with a child every day from birth we can improve a child’s outcome in these 5 areas of early childhood development;

  1. Physical Health and Wellbeing
  2. Social Competence
  3. Emotional Maturity
  4. Language and Cognitive Skills
  5. Communication Skills and General Knowledge

 What do we do?

  • We participate in community events across suburbs with the 2767 postcode
  • Manage the ‘Pick, REaD and Swap Box’ initiative in 2767 postcode suburbs

Who are we?

Paint Doonside REaD is made up of a team of   passionate people who love to wear white overalls with red paint splotches all over them.  We love to hold reading days, attend festivals and bring Rooby Roo out into the 2767 community to help deliver our message on the importance of reading with a child every day from birth.

 Who is our mascot?

Our mascot is Rooby Roo, the reading kangaroo. She wears a beautiful red bow in her hair and a funky paint splotched vest.  She always carries her favourite book in her pouch whenever she hops around Doonside.

 Where can I find books?

We have ‘Pick, REaD and Swap’ boxes at many locations in the 2770 postcode. Please check Facebook for more information or call 02 9626 5312.

 Are the books free?

Yes, all the books in a ‘Pick, REaD and Swap box are free. You can choose a book, or as many as you would like.  Take the book/s home then return and choose another book.

 Can I donate books?

Yes, you can donate books at any of our venues. 

  • Marayong House (64 Falmouth Rd, Quakers Hill)
  • Doonside Cottage (2 Astral Drive, Doonside)
  • Dean Park (9 Yarramundi Drive, Dean Park)

 Where do I get further information from?

Please contact us on 02 9626 5312 with any questions